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Efficiency, Security and Economy.

Why should you consider thin clients?Thin clients are a powerful solution for today’s healthcare, financial, education and other industries. For highly standardized tasks and keeping up to date with the lastest software and virus protection, a thin client network is not only economical but easier for IT administrators to manage. Many Thin Client Central customers are finding that making the transition from older dumb terminals or desktop PCs to a thin client network is easy, cost effective and secure.



Thin clients use software and data from network servers. Data from different workstations or different locations is entered into or retrieved from a centralized database. There are no hard drives or floppy drives, so entered data can only be saved to the central server. Upgrades can be performed remotely, so that the IT department does not need to travel to various locations. Backup of important data only needs to be done on the central .

With no moving parts to break down, thin clients are likely to last longer than desktop PCs. Workstations are standardized, using the same applications, with the same interface, making them easier for healthcare staff to use. Thin clients are simple to install and set up and are always on, making important patient data immediately accessible to an entire team of healthcare professionals.


why should you consider thin clients?Since there is no hard drive or floppy drive, thin clients are protected from the use of unauthorized software or the introduction of viruses. Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved to any other location than the central server. Centralized processing makes it easy to manage and monitor system access and to enforce security policies and procedures, so that internal security risk is minimized.




Not only do thin clients cost less to purchase than desktop PCs (especially if you decide to implement our top quality Refurbished models), but because they have fewer moving parts, they usually have a longer useful lifespan. Reduced IT costs are part of the bargain when upgrades and backups are handled by a central server. Your company may also benefit from energy savings by switching to thin clients. A recent study, by Thin Client Computing in Scottsdale Arizona, concluded that thin clients, in general, use about one-seventh of the power needed to run a desktop PC.

Thin Client Central – Your thin client resource

Thin Client Central 3-Yr WarrantyYou will find that thin clients from Thin Client Central are the some of the most competitively priced in the industry. We maintain a large inventory of new and refurbished thin clients from HP and Wyse Winterm. All of our refurbished thin clients are backed by a 3-Year warranty. Thin Client Central professionals can assist you with a wide variety of network integration services. Whether you are deploying new network technology or re-deploying an existing network infrastructure, Thin Client Central can help make your transition to thin clients as seamless as possible. Why not contact one of our account executives to discuss your specific needs? We are glad to help. Just call 800-968-0373 or email us.

Are Thin Clients right for you?
Does your company...

Use dumb terminals, and need more power or flexiblity?

Have multiple office locations and want to run on fewer IT resources?

Have workers who require varying applications?

Use information appliances / kiosks?

Have a highly standardized office environment?

Require regular software upgrades at a central and/or satellite offices?

Have concerns about data and software security?

Distribute applications and data over a network?

Have limited or overwhelmed IT resources or want to offer end-user application support remotely?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might find thin clients to be the perfect solution!

Call us at 800-968-0373 to discuss your needs.

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