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Thin Client Central is a division of Vecmar Computer Solutions
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Professional Services - Thin Client & Network Applications

  • New and Existing Networks

  • Thin-Client Deployment and Support

  • Networking Design, Network Integration Services & Wireless Networking Consulting and Deployment

  • Product Procurement

  • Thin Client Central Professional ServicesSystems Configuration/Installation

Please contact one of our account executives to discuss your specific needs: call 800-968-0373 or 440-953-1119 or email us.

Save IT Time & Money with Thin Client Services from Thin Client Central:

  • Order Thin Clients Fully Configured & Ship Direct to the Ship-To Location

  • Pre-installation of your applications

  • General set-up custom configuration

  • Full repair & Refurbufacture of your existing thin client terminals

  • Trade in dumb terminals and other hardware for thin clients

Custom Configurations are our Specialty

All Wyse and Unisys brand thin clients are available pre-configured to your custom specs. Your applications can be pre-installed on select units. Custom configuration of the general setup is also available.

Full custom configuration of thin clients includes:

  • RDP / ICA configuration

  • All Display parameters (refresh rate, resolution, color settings)

  • Add on cards (modems, wireless LANs)

  • Setup Terminal Emulation Client Settings: Communication parameters including BAUD rate, Parity & Handshake specs

  • Application Additions for select units: Internet Explorer, Wave LAN, Aironet

Get more out of your Existing Thin Client Terminals

Breathe new life into your existing Wyse Winterm or Unisys WinPath thin client terminals: repair and 100% Refurbufacture of your existing thin client terminals is great way to save!

Order Thin Clients and Thin Client Services Now!

Get your new & Refurbished thin clients from Thin Client Central - they are available for immediate configuration & shipment to your end user. Order any of our new or Refurbished Wyse Winterms or Unisys WinPaths call us at 800-968-0373 or 440-953-1119 or e-mail us. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome, as well as all major credit cards.

Trade in your dumb terminals and other hardware for credit toward thin client purchases.

Questions about Thin Client Services?

Email Thin Client Central directly with your thin client hardware and service questions.


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