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Thin Client Characteristics

All thin clients are basically a diskless computer, connected to a server-based computing network. Users of thin clients experience the same level of productivity and flexibility as PC users. Inexpensive access software such as Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix MetaFrame, Tarantella New Moon Canaveral IQ, or a browser is used to allow all application processing and storage to take place on the central server. All screen views, mouse clicks and keystrokes are passed to the thin client using either Citrix’s Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) or Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

All thin client computers contain the following features:

  • Built-in RDP, ICA or other protocol for server-based computing
  • An Ethernet connection and optional support for wireless LANs.
  • I/O for keyboard and mouse, optional I/O for printers, USB and other peripherals.
  • A video processor for strong graphics and colors – a major upgrade from the dumb terminal.
  • Solid-state construction – no moving parts such as fans or disk drives results in longer life and higher reliability.
  • Centralized software management and deployment - means easier IT administration and greater security.
  • Firmware-based software and no disk drives making thin clients less vulnerable to viruses or malware.

Basic Thin Client Terminals

Basic thin client terminals feature a proprietary operating system that delivers simple server-based computing in a thin-client appliance. All application processing, including web browsing occurs on the server. There is no local processing and limited peripheral options are available. Some terminal emulations are available. This locked-down OS makes basic terminals the most secure thin clients.

Basic thin client terminals are ideal for task-based or transaction-based users who have a persistent network connection. They can also be used in kiosks in the retail and service environments. Basic thin clients are also used frequently in the healthcare industry, where healthcare workers can get on-demand access to secure patient data from the server, using a desktop or wireless device. The simplicity of the basic thin clients makes them the least expensive, especially when you consider our top-quality Refurbished models.

Thin Client Central carries a variety of basic terminals manufactured by Wyse Winterm. Learn more about Wyse Winterms and view the entire Basic Terminal product line from Wyse Winterm. Or if you prefer, you can call us at 1-800-968-0373 or email us for more specific information.

Browser Thin Client Terminals

Browser thin clients feature all of the capabilities of Basic thin clients with some additional functionality and power. Based on Microsoft’s Windows CE embedded operating system (formerly, browser terminals are the most popular models in the Thin Client Central inventory. Windows CE features Internet Explorer for local Web computing and has enough power built in to run a local terminal emulation suite, making browser thin clients a popular choice for green screen (dumb terminal) computer replacement. Plus, the operating system can be custom-configured using the CE-supported Windows drivers and peripherals, like wireless computing, USB, CD-ROM and smart cards.

Because of their efficiency and performance of a local browser, these thin clients work well where task-based or transaction-based workers also need to access the Web or Web-based applications. Kiosks using web based applications are well served by browser thin clients. Browser thin clients do require a persistent network connection, because most of the computer processing still occurs on the central server. Call center, customer service reps and retail users often use the browser thin clients, so they can access web based information in addition to data from the central server.

Thin Client Central carries a variety of browser thin client terminals manufactured by Wyse Winterm and HP. View the entire browser terminal product line from Wyse Winterm and HP Thin Clients. Or if you prefer, you can call us at 1-800-968-0373 or email us for more specific information.

Flexible Thin Client Terminals

Flexible Thin Client Terminals, sometimes referred to as Line of Business or LOB thin clients run Windows XP Embedded (XPe), Microsoft’s most powerful embedded OS. All of the features of the browser Thin Clients are featured in the Flexible Thin Client along with even more power for local processing, a local Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the option to embed local applications, top-line graphics and colors, and full Win32 API application support.

A Flexible Thin Client Terminal also supports the full catalog of Windows peripherals and management tools, which gives the user PC-like flexibility and easy integration into Windows environments. Flexible Thin Clients can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of any application, and are a great solution for users in businesses like package delivery services, retail operations and airlines. It is the only Windows thin client that can still operate if the network goes down, making it suitable for cash drawers and other business-critical terminals.

The Flexible Thin Client has often been selected for use with multimedia stations for training purposes, and almost any job that requires PC-like flexibility. Expansion options are available such as multiple USB ports, CD-ROM drives, a PCI slot and internal expansion slots. It is important to note that these flexible models, while offering more flexibility and power, are less secure systems, due to the fact that the XPe operating system shares the same kernel with Windows XP on the PC.

Thin Client Central carries a variety of Flexible thin client terminals manufactured by Wyse Winterm and HP. View the entire Flexible terminal product line from Wyse Winterm and HP Thin Clients. Or if you prefer, you can call us at 1-800-968-0373 or email us for more specific information.

Linux Thin Client Terminals

Linux Thin Client Terminals are growing in popularity, and are the most flexible thin clients due to the adaptability of the open source operating system. A very thin version of Linux can power a basic terminal, while a full featured version can create a Flexible (LOB) terminal that is customizable to meet most business needs.

Linux Thin Client terminals are capable of running 32-bit Windows applications, Unix and Linux applications via server-based computing, as well as access the Web through a browser. Linux terminals can be designed to support terminal emulation, local Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and custom applications and a wide range of peripherals. The Linux operating system is inherently internet friendly, making Linux Thin Client easier to integrate into Web-centric environments.

The cost advantage of using open source software, as well as the flexibility, manageability and security of Linux are all benefits of choosing the Linux Thin Client Terminals manufactured by Wyse Winterm or HP.

Thin Client Central carries a variety of Linux Thin Client terminals manufactured by Wyse Winterm and HP. View the entire Linux terminal product line from Wyse Winterm and HP Thin Clients. Or if you prefer, you can call us at 1-800-968-0373 or email us for more specific information.



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