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About Thin Client Central

Thin Client Central is your source for thin client hardware and networking services. We carry a large inventory of new and refurbished thin clients by Wyse and HP. We’ve been in the thin client business since 1997 – and we’ve seen this product line grow and develop into a powerful and secure solution in network computing.

The Network Computing Trend.

Thin Client CentralThin clients are an excellent choice for today’s healthcare, financial, education and other industries. For highly standardized tasks and keeping up to date with the latest software and virus protection, a thin client network is not only economical but easier for IT administrators to manage. Many Thin Client Central customers are finding that making the transition from older dumb terminals or desktop PCs to a thin client network is easy, cost effective and secure. Thin Client computing is efficient, conserving IT resources and energy. Thin Clients have a longer lifespan than PCs, they are simple to install and set up and they are always on. Thin Clients are protected from viruses and unauthorized software and they minimize security risk, since all data is saved on a central server.

Leading Hardware Warranties

All Thin Client Central products are covered by warranties that provide comprehensive quality assurance. In addition, we offer a terminal trade in plan, another economical way to upgrade your existing network or configure a new one. We also pay cash for older or non-functioning thin clients. Tell us what you have and we will let you know the current value of your older equipment.

Quality Products and Services

Thin Client Central is committed to providing our customers with the finest products and the latest technology available. Thin Client Central sales representatives and technicians have the experience and knowledge that will help you to select and implement the best thin client terminals for your needs. Our consultants can immediately offer ideas, strategies and advice on creating a computer solution that perfectly services your business or organization, and we will continue to provide that support after your purchase. Our shipping department is experienced and proficient at selecting the appropriate method and carrier to be certain that your order arrives on time and in perfect condition. At Thin Client Central, we strive to service our customers with effortless ordering and prompt delivery.

Let us Prove it!

Simply give us a call today at 440.975.4859 or Toll Free at 1.800.968.0373. We will process your order immediately, and provide you with the computer solution you need. Our consultants can immediately offer ideas, strategies and advice on creating a computer solution that perfectly services your business needs. Please choose us for your next computer hardware purchase. We look forward to servicing your business. In the computer industry, nobody works harder to satisfy customers and provide better computer equipment at greater savings than Thin Client Central. Call us today, and we'll prove it to you.



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